Soap Single (Lavender)

Soap Single (Lavender)

5.00 Ounces
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    Daily use in just four days, my skin looks and feels amazing!

    Posted by R. Hoskins on Aug 3rd 2019

    I've been using the lavender soap and lotion for 4 weeks now and the change in my skin is amazing!
    My only choice now!

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    Finding chemical free soap doesn't have to be left to market hommades!

    Posted by Nonnie on Mar 5th 2019

    Better than homemade! I used to buy my soaps from the biggest health food stores.
    They were always displayed in raw form stacked on top of one another. Often cut in varying inconsistent sizes, and unwrapped. EEWWW!
    Bothered by the thought that so many had already handled them I would wash them off before I used them. I appreciate that these are packaged, as much as it's a woman owned business, and she puts her reputation behind her products. And follows industry health code standards.
    NOT maybe making them in the kitchen with the dog and cat hanging out there too.
    These are the real thing. Ingredients listed clearly and readable. You Know what's in them. Plus they deliver what they say they are! You'll love them too!