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Turning the Tide

Posted by Dawn Lancaster on Jun 26th 2019

Turning the Tide

It is possible to turn the tide!

To say I was blown away to discover Pure Energy Apothecary had been nominated in Vermont's Seven Days, Seven Daysies, the locals’ guide to Vermont, is an understatement.  While the currently crowned Daysies winner has won 11 years running, the nomination alone of Pure Energy Apothecary shows the tides ARE turning.  While many of the reigning company's products are very similar in plant-based quality those select products are often 10 times the price.  The Daysies final voting is complete and now we await July 31st to discover the results. Please know we greatly appreciate all of you who nominated, voted, shared and cheered us on!


Come ride the wave with us!          

As I sail along the Pure Energy Apothecary journey I'm learning so much about myself, not only as a business owner, but also as a woman.  Our story is ever-evolving, and I would love to know what is important to us is resonating with you.  After all, you are the reason we do what we do!

With our products in mind, we believe we must:

  • Use simple, plant-based, "do no harm" ingredients.
  • Maintain impeccable quality; everyone deserves premium quality care.
  • Ensure that our products are accessible and inclusive. Availability of non-toxic body care must be as important as safe, healthy food. After all, up to 60% of what we apply to our skin (our largest organ) reaches our bloodstream in 26 seconds or less.
  • Create versatile products, void of investment required regimen:
    • Our body care is safe and effective for facial use and more!
      • I used Pure & Natural body lotion in the morning and Lavender at night on my face & neck. 
      • In the winter months, I find a little bit of "body oil" is a gift to my face on those drier days. 
      • How about eye makeup remover?  A light pat of Pure & Natural body oil does the trick.
      • Sunburn causing you itch and flake? Our body butter is soothing and healing!
      • Eczema or psoriasis wreaking havoc? Try our Pure & Natural body lotion and body butter for some relief and extra healing. 
      • Does your pet have super dry feet pads - another great place for Pure & Natural body lotion or butter at night.  

And always we must: 

  • Remain accessible to all - no clubs or MLM investment, no minimum monthly or yearly purchases required.  Subscription should be a choice not a requirement.     
  • Be easy to find - you'll always find us offered at your favorite shopping locations (no home party required - though you are always welcome to have one!).
  • Choose to be fairly priced - Grateful not greedy has always been our family mindset and must apply to our company as well. There is plenty to go around.
  • Offer real value - On top of performance, focusing on key ingredients ensures a little Pure Energy goes a long way.
  • Serve all souls - doesn't matter who you are, we are here to serve you best!

I also believe that Pure Energy Apothecary gives us an opportunity to explore health vs. trying to turn back the hands of time. There is no real fountain of youth serum.  We are not meant to be forever young however society has ingrained into the minds of women that we must forever look 20-something yet in society's eyes, men are often allowed to age gracefully and described as attractive or more distinguished with age. 

If you're like me and looking for a way to age gracefully, I encourage you to embrace YOU and journey towards health.  We may leave our youth behind however health is something we can always pursue. As I approach my 50th adventure around the sun this summer, I've finally awoken to the value of my health. Healthy body, mind, spirit and skin! Healthy skin will allow us to look and feel our best!  Healthy is timeless!

At the end of our days, no one will treasure us for "looking young" however they will treasure us for empowering, uplifting, encouraging, supporting, inspiring, appreciating, caring and loving others. I believe, Pure Energy Apothecary has the opportunity to do just that.

What do you believe? We really want to know!

Much love always,